Performance Intel Assessment

Take the gamble out of hiring and the headaches out of managing staff    

If you are a manager finding your people problems are more like minefields, we will provide you with the tools and strategies to take the gamble out of hiring and remove the headaches managing employees and teams, reshaping your experience at work from frustration to mastery. 

Are you..?

The Performance Intel Assessment can help.

What is the Performance Intel Assessment?

The Performance Intel Assessment combines the data drawn from Facet5 with Paul’s analysis, insights, and feedback.
Facet5 is a comprehensive assessment of personality and working style. Based on the Big 5 personality theory – the most widely accepted and empirically supported theory of personality – Facet5 gives you a detailed understanding of each person’s natural working style.

Can you imagine how confidence boosting it would be to know exactly how to avoid poor hiring decisions?

Through a review of Facet5’s extensive data and specific pointers from Paul, you’ll learn about what’s going on underneath the surface for each candidate, information most candidates won’t readily tell you about themselves. 
This will greatly enhance the quality of data you have on each person, enabling you to feel confident in your assessment of their likely success or failure in your organisation. 

Wouldn’t it be exciting to see your employees making a positive impact individually and with your team?     

By inviting your employees to a Performance Intel Assessment debrief, with Paul guiding them through the Facet5 reports, they will learn strategies to help them bridge the gap between their natural style and the preferred style. 
This will provide both you and your employee with a clear roadmap for achieving high performance quickly, giving you much needed relief from shouldering all the heavy lifting to achieve your team’s goals.

How all-conquering would you feel seeing your career prospects enhanced having got your struggling team to work well together?

By tapping into Paul’s expertise in developing high-performing teams and utilising the Facet5 TeamScape report, you will clearly see why your team is not meeting the standard of high performance and discover the game plan you need to create exceptional team results and enhance your own career profile.

Using the Performance Intel Assessment

With support of Facet5 data and through conversations with yourself and your employees at pivotal points of your candidate and employee journey, the Performance Intel Assessment gives you the ‘inside information’ to get the most out of your people, so you can experience the joy of accelerating toward your objectives.      



Outcome: Improved hiring decisions



Outcome: Fast and effective employee integration



Outcome: Get employees back on track to high performance


Team Development

Outcome: Achieve a high performance team

Why Facet5 to support the Performance Intel Assessment?

Whether as part of recruitment, onboarding, coaching and/or team development, Facet5 gives you essential information you won’t get through other sources. 
Specifically, Facet5 tells you what’s going on underneath the surface, things people won’t readily tell you about themselves such as their instinctive responses to a variety of work situations.  And it’s these instinctive responses that will account for a lot of their success or failure in your organisation.
Many other assessments put people in a box or are missing information.  Facet5 measures all the essential traits you need in your people and gives you useful, detailed descriptions of their natural behaviour so you get a much richer understanding of them.
Hiring and managing staff is a tough gig.  You need whatever edge you can get.  By using Facet5 as part of the Performance Intel Assessment, you get the critical missing data to make better selection decisions and improve your performance as a manager.

The Factors Measured by Facet5 are






Key features of Facet5

Its versatile

At recruitment, onboarding, coaching, team development and leadership development, you can keep coming back to Facet5 to give you specific information at each stage of your employee’s journey.

It’s amazingly accurate

The validity and reliability of Facet5 have been demonstrated through rigorous psychometric research and validation studies and people consistently tell us their Facet5 profile is spot on.

It’s user friendly

For managers, employees and candidates. It’s all online, and with internet access you can complete it wherever you are and on any device. Facet5 reports give you the information you need in a language that is easy to understand and apply.

Its fast and hassle free

Facet5 only takes 20 mins to complete and for urgent requests we can turn it around within 2 hours and for non-urgent requests, in under 24 hours. So if you are using Facet5 for recruitment it won’t hold up your hiring process.

But crucially, it’s not just about Facet5! 

The Power of Paul’s debrief with you 

Do your other assessment providers leave you scratching your head as you try to work out what the results mean?
Do you feel like you’re not getting what you need out of your assessment process?
Whilst the tool you use is important, it’s absolutely critical to have an expert working with you to piece together the data and provide meaningful, tailored information about your candidates and employees knowing what you and your team needs and your organizational and industry context. 
Many assessments leave you to somehow work out what all the data means.
However, with the Performance Intel Assessment you get a personalised service that ensures you always get insightful, relevant, meaningful information you can’t get from other sources that you can easily apply.
The outcome is a positive transformation of your recruitment and management results.

Giving you the critical information you're missing to hire and manage your people to achieve high performance.

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