Mental Health & Performance Conversations

Master the Tough Conversations

If you are a manager struggling to overcome your fears about engaging in mental health and performance conversations with your staff, we can give you a clear pathway to manage even the most challenging of these interactions so you feel like a conversational master.

The Master the Tough Conversations Program is the solution

Can you imagine coming to work feeling comfortable and confident to manage performance and mental health conversations?

In this ‘Master the Tough Conversations’ program, we will teach you how to achieve and maintain a positive mindset about mental health and performance conversations, and how to remain agile and in control throughout these exchanges, giving you greater poise and self-belief.

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know what to say in these conversations and not put your foot in it?

As part of this program, through our teaching, and drawing on the real world experience in the room, you will learn exactly what not to say in mental health and performance conversations, so you avoid landing in hot water and feel a greater sense of safety when engaged in these communications.

How gratifying would it be to know you were having a positive, meaningful impact on your employees’ mental health and performance?

As part of our work together, we will examine the big picture – what leads to good mental health and performance at work. 
This will give you an understanding of the range of things you can do to enable positive mental health and performance outcomes, allowing you to feel the heavy weight of challenging conversations lifted off your shoulders.    

Deal with it or you’re at risk

Managing the mental health and performance of your people are essential management tasks and can’t be outsourced to HR.  Yet many of us become anxious at the mere thought of these interactions. However, avoiding them means we put ourselves and our organisation at risk of successful unfair dismissal and psychological injury claims because we haven’t provided our employees with enough support.  
If you’re a manager who’s passionate about reaching your potential and helping employees perform at their best, then join us for our Master the Tough Conversations program where you’ll take away a clear roadmap to plan, initiate and manage performance and mental health conversations in a way that enhances your relationships, takes away the dread and anxiety, and gives you greater self-confidence and job satisfaction.

What is the Master the Tough Conversations program?

Program Design

Our ‘Master the Tough Conversations’ Program includes:

Program Content

You have the ability to curate the ‘Master the Tough Conversations’ program based on your needs, choosing from:

What you’ll take away

During our time together we will walk you through different variants of mental health and performance conversations, identify the scenarios that challenge you the most and give you specific strategies to master them, leading you to feel emboldened to have a go, even at the toughest of conversations.
As a result of this program, through paired and group discussions, you will learn a variety of tips and strategies to manage anything that might be thrown at you in mental health and performance conversations, and feel ecstatic at how much of a difference developing this skill and knowledge set will have more broadly on your performance and career.
By completing this program, with our direction and support, you will gain a broad and deep understanding of the fundamentals of workplace mental health and performance, allowing you to feel unshakeable in your belief that you can lead your team in the design and implementation of initiatives that create a mentally healthy, high performance team.   
Mental Health & Performance Conversations



Paul Clifford

How I work with you.

For over 25 years I have been working with organisations to help them create mentally healthy, high-performance workplaces.  This includes many organisations facing significant challenges managing workforce performance and where the risk of mental injury is high.
My role with these organisations has been at the organisational, team and individual level.  When developing the capability of your managers to manage mental health and performance conversations I help you understand their current level of competence and key areas of development.  Then together we will develop a program that is tailored to your group.
As an experienced training designer and facilitator, I will develop a program that empowers your managers with the skills and knowledge they need to become masters of these conversations.

Giving you the critical information you're missing to hire and manage your people to achieve high performance.

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