Performance Intel Assessment

If you are a manager finding your people problems are more like minefields, the Performance Intel Assessment will take the gamble out of hiring and remove the headaches managing employees and teams, reshaping your experience at work from frustration to mastery.

Can you imagine how confidence boosting it would be to know exactly how to avoid poor hiring decisions?

Through undertaking your own Performance Intel Assessment, you’ll learn what Facet5 tells you about people that you won’t get from other sources.  You’ll discover that this information dramatically improves the quality of intel you have about prospective employees enabling you to improve your hiring success.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to see your employees making a positive impact individually and with your team?

By undertaking your own Performance Intel Assessment debrief, you will learn how Facet5 and Paul’s insights can provide critical information about how people think, feel and behave at work.  With this knowledge you will have the confidence and clarity to set clear performance and development goals that  motivate and inspire employees, get them up to speed early in the role, and help them get back on track if they are struggling.

How all-conquering you would feel seeing your career prospects enhanced having got your struggling team to work well together?

By taking the opportunity to talk to Paul about the Performance Intel Assessment you will be tapping into Paul’s expertise in developing high-performing teams and receive valuable tips and strategies on how you can leverage your leadership style to elevate your team into the high performance stratosphere.      

Hit one of the buttons above or below and you will receive details to complete the Facet5 questionnaire and receive your own Facet5 Personal Profile Report and a 1:1 Performance Intel Assessment debrief from Paul. 

During this process you will understand the full value you get from using the Performance Intel Assessment.  This is a unique opportunity to experience first-hand a service that will dramatically improve your results in hiring and managing people. And it’s FREE.

By undertaking the Performance Intel Assessment, you will see how accurate and insightful the Facet5 and Paul’s debrief of the results are.  You will also learn how incredibly applicable it is at so many stages of the employee journey and how it

  • improves your hiring
  • gets new employees up to speed faster
  • makes development and performance planning easier and more effective
  • helps identify why employees have gone off track and how to get them back on track
  • helps you understand and develop your team so you can elevate it to high performance status

making your life easier and less stressful, and making you more effective and successful.

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