Performance Intel Assessment for Coaching

Uncover what ignites your team members to overcome their challenges and get back on track 

If you are a manager with an employee encountering challenges and obstacles they can’t seem to overcome, we can help you put your finger on the problems and develop a forward plan to turnaround their performance, allowing you to celebrate your reduced level of stress.

The Performance Intel Assessment for Coaching is your answer

What you will take away

What your employee will take away

How does the Performance Intel Assessment for Coaching work?

A Performance Intel Assessment for Coaching debrief

Paul conducts the Performance Intel Assessment for Coaching debrief using the Facet5 Spotlight report. The debrief can happen with the Manager and/or with the struggling employee. Note that the Spotlight report is an adjunct to the Facet5 Personal Profile and as such in most cases there will be a debrief of the Facet5 Personal Profile before we introduce the Spotlight report.
The Facet5 Spotlight report reminds us about the employee’s strengths and then moves to examining:

The Facet5 Spotlight Model

This Spotlight model allows the manager or coach to get to the heart of the blockers and tensions that exist for the employee on a day to day basis and help diagnose the causes of the behaviours that are of concern and are holding the employee back. 
The Spotlight report then allows the manager and/or coach to work with the employee to create a development plan to help them identify behaviours to prevent the risks and frustrations and get the employee back on track to becoming a high performer.

Can you imagine how motivated you’d feel knowing what drives and inspires your struggling team member? 

How gratifying would it be if you could make positive breakthroughs with your languishing employee?  
With the Performance Intel Assessment for Coaching, using the Facet5 Spotlight report, you will gain a clearer picture of the reasons for your employee’s development and performance challenges, revealing a pathway for you to transform your employee into a high performer, bringing back positivity and optimism to each day.



Paul Clifford

How I work with you.

With the support of the Facet5 Spotlight report I work with the manager and/or their employee to help identify where the risks, frustrations and challenges are for the employee.  This analysis helps the employee identify their potential derailing behaviours that can be undermining their relationships, wellbeing and performance.
This work can be a one-off discussion or could merge into a Full Potential Coaching Program.
My advice as part of the Performance Intel Assessment for Coaching is based on years of wellbeing and performance coaching as well as clinical work helping clients overcome their stress, anxiety and depression at work and more broadly in their lives.
This provides me with deep insight into what drives challenging behaviours and what can motivate someone to turn around their behaviour and get back on track.

Giving you the critical information you're missing to hire and manage your people to achieve high performance.

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