Performance Intel Assessment for Recruitment

Take the gamble out of hiring by getting the full story from candidates

If you are a manager tearing your hair out because you can’t seem to identify the right people for your roles, we will provide you with the tools and strategies that give you the critical information you’ve been missing, to take the gamble out of hiring and give you back your time and sanity.

The Performance Intel Assessment for Recruitment is your answer

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get the full picture from candidates?

Can you imagine feeling like a bit of a guru having advanced knowledge of how candidates are going to respond to typical job scenarios?   
Using the Performance Intel Assessment for Recruitment, with support from the Facet5 Audition and Facet5 Personal Profile, you will uncover your candidates’ natural and instinctive working style.
This will give you critical information to determine how they are really likely to perform in the role, taking the gamble out of hiring and giving you peace of mind in your selection decisions.

How pumped would you feel if you had all the right questions you needed to ask candidates in interview? 

Can you imagine how incredibly capable you’d feel if you were able to get all the information you needed from candidates to make the right hiring decisions? 
By including the Performance Intel Assessment for Recruitment with Facet5 as part of your hiring process, you will receive a comprehensive debrief from Paul. You will also gain unique insights into your candidates and advice on the right questions to ask in your next interview.
Together this will ensure you get the critical missing information you need, leaving you in no doubt about your hiring decisions.

Can you imagine how confidence boosting it would be to know exactly how to avoid poor hiring decisions?

How incredibly relieved would you be to no longer lose time and money re-advertising, re-interviewing and re-training staff because of poor hiring decisions?
Working together with Paul and leveraging the Facet5 tools, you will get to know your candidates more intimately including what motivates them, what they value and how they behave under pressure.
This will improve your odds of making the right hiring decisions, enabling you to feel the joy of getting back that precious commodity – your time.    

The Performance Intel Assessment for Recruitment process

To leave yourself in no doubt you’re ready to make the right hiring decision, follow these four Performance Intel Assessment for Recruitment steps.

Role Definition

Together we complete the Role Definition Questionnaire to create a preferred behavioural style for the role

Facet5 Audition

Candidates complete the Facet5 and profiles are compared to the preferred style to create the Facet5 Audition


You receive the Facet5 Audition and Personal Profile Reports


You receive the Performance Intel Assessment Debrief

You then conduct Final Interview & Reference Checks with information from the debrief and you’re ready to make the right hiring decision

What you’ll take away

Steps 1 & 2: Facet5 Role Definition and Facet5 Audition

In this video we establish the preferred profile through the Facet5 Role Definition Questionnaire and show how candidates are matched to it to generate the Facet5 Audition report.

Paul helps you interpret the report so you can use that information in candidate interviews and reference checks to make the right hiring decision.

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Step 3:  Reports

Facet5 Audition

The Facet5 Audition report shows the candidate’s degree of fit to the Role Definition using a traffic light system
Represents a close fit between candidate’s profile and preferred profile
Represents a reasonable gap between candidate’s profile and preferred profile
Represents a significant gap between candidate’s profile and preferred profile

Facet5 Personal profile

The Facet5 Personal Profile shows you the candidate’s positioning on the continuum for each of the 5 Facets and their subfactors.

Through the debrief process Paul tells you what each of the scores mean, giving you all you need to know about your candidate’s natural working style including how they are likely to respond to a range of critical scenarios in the role.     

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Step 4: The Debrief

In this video see how Paul debriefs a Hiring Manager on a candidate’s Facet5 Personal profile giving the Hiring Manager a complete understanding of the natural working style of the candidate.  This includes a review of the candidate’s strengths, areas for development, motivators and de-motivators and a guide for how you can get the best out of the person. 
I guarantee you, you will be so amazed at how much useful information you gain from the debrief process, you’ll want to use this process for all your hiring into the future!

Performance Intel Assessment for Recruitment – in Summary

Facet5 is an extremely powerful tool for recruitment. Once the candidate completes the Facet5 questionnaire you receive the candidate’s Facet5 personal profile and a tailored debrief with me. 
You also have the option of receiving the Facet5 Audition report.  The Facet5 Audition report assesses the candidates’ degree of fit to a pre-defined, customised Role Definition. 
The Role Definition comprises the behaviours you have deemed as critical for success in the role. Where a candidate doesn’t meet the role definition, you receive a range of questions to help you assess the candidate’s ability to bridge the gap between their profile and the Role Definition. 
This degree of fit analysis allows for more targeted, error-free recruitment.
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Paul Clifford

How I work with you.

With the Performance Intel Assessment for Recruitment, I can guide you through the entire recruitment process – from defining the role, to assessing candidate fit for the role, to providing you with questions for candidate interviews and reference checking. 
I have been providing organisations with advice on selection tools and interpreting personality profiling results for managers, employees and candidates for over 25 years including 10 years as a recruitment consultant.
I use Facet5 as my tool of choice because it is incredibly accurate and provides high quality information.  It’s also user friendly, hassle free and can be used across the entire employee journey.  And I have debriefed 1000s of Facet5s. 
But it’s not just about Facet5.  My advice to clients is based on a deep understanding of personality and human behaviour and when I work with you my laser focus is on giving you only relevant, insightful and meaningful information that allows you to make the right hiring decision. 

Giving you the critical information you're missing to hire and manage your people to achieve high performance.

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