Performance Intel Assessment for Onboarding 

Get your new hire up to speed, fast!

If you are a manager finding that your new hires are just not cutting it, we can give you and your new employees some game changing information that will set your employees on a pathway to success, saving you the anguish of managing under-performance or termination.

The Performance Intel Assessment for Onboarding is your answer

What you will take away

What your new hire will take away

How does the Performance Intel Assessment for Onboarding work? 

How much of a genius would you feel reaching your performance targets on the back of tapping into the factors that stimulate and energize your new hire?

By participating in your own Performance Intel Assessment for Onboarding debrief as Manager, Paul will take you through the Facet5 Manager’s Guide to Leading. Through this process you will gain a wealth of practical information on what drives and inspires your new hires, giving you the ‘inside information’ about the strategies you can use to get the most out them, so you can experience the joy of accelerating toward your objectives.

Can you imagine your relief seeing your new hire kicking goals and working well with the team?

By inviting your new hire to a Performance Intel Assessment for Onboarding debrief with Paul they will learn strategies to help them bridge the gap between their natural style and the preferred style, providing both you and them with a clear roadmap for achieving high performance quickly, giving you the relief from shouldering all the heavy lifting to meet targets.
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In this video see how Paul conducts the Performance Intel Assessment for Onboarding debrief with a new employee.
Paul explains the results from their Facet5 Personal profile giving the new employee a complete understanding of their natural working style as well as their strengths, areas for development, motivators and de-motivators. 
This process helps the new employee increase their level of self-awareness and get them thinking about the gaps between their natural style and what is required for success in the role.
This debrief acts as a mini-coaching session and will enable the employee to better articulate their development needs in discussion with you, their manager. 
Granting your new hire the opportunity for a comprehensive debrief of their Facet5 results sends a clear signal to the new hire that you value them and are prepared to invest in them.

Paul Clifford

How I work with you.

When working with new hires I help them develop a solid understanding of their natural working style and gain insight into what they will need to do to bridge the gap between their natural style and the preferred working style.  My intent is to help them get up to speed, fast! 
On the back of a briefing from you, their manager, on the required behaviours needed for success in the role, I help the employee develop a short to medium term plan focused on four key outcome pillars – wellbeing, engagement, development and performance. 
We identify some tangible goals for the first 1-3 months that will kick start your new hire on the right path to achieving these outcome pillars.



In these early stages I can also work with you as the new hire’s manager, taking you through the Facet5 Leading Edge Guide to Leading to give you guidance on what you need to do to support these goals. 

Giving you the critical information you're missing to hire and manage your people to achieve high performance.

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